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Senior Citizens Center

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Hours: 8:30 am - 4 p.m Monday thru Friday*

Please note: the Center will close when there is a 2-hour delay or school closing during the Winter.

*Dates and times are subject to change

Chrissy Lanza , Recreation Leader
Lunch at Senior Citizens Center
Enjoying lunch at the Village of Colonie Senior Citizens Center.
The Village of Colonie Senior Citizens Center first opened its doors to the public on Mother's Day, 1966. It was the first such center organized in the Town of Colonie. The idea for a center for the exclusive use of senior residents of the Village was conceived by Mayor Bill Cook and Edward Skinner. They decided to use a house which had been donated to the Village of Colonie and moved to the Village municipal property. By 1978, the house had become too small for the more than sixty members of the center to conduct their meetings and activities. The seniors had opted to have their monthly meetings at the Village Hall and to conduct special classes and parties at the Colonie Community Center. A solution had to be found, though, so that all activities could be held under one roof. Finally, with the help of H.U.D. funding, an addition was built to the rear of the Village Hall. Opening day for the newly- named Herbert B. Kuhn Senior Citizens Center was September 27, 1981. A more spacious and modem facility was finally a reality! After eight years of operation, on September 24, 1989, the Center was again expanded to accommodate a growing population of active Village seniors. Anne Joachim, served as Senior Citizens Director for the first 25 years of the Center and helped it grow t hrough its infancy. Anne retired in 1991 and Joan Leak, a life-long community resident, became Director in June, of 1991. Under Joan's able leadership, the Senior Citizens Center continued to be a strong focus for its many members.

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